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Selling my stuff

January 14th, 2005 at 06:39 am

I've decided to sell a few of my things. It's not that we're so hard up that we need the money to eat - it's just that I want a particular student loan with an outrageous interest rate to be paid off. It's such a thorn in my side.
AND - I don't use the items anymore so they're just taking up space.
I intend to sell:
my amp
Fender bass guitar, in awesome condition
about 30 books

I'm also giving away my old entertainment center on freecycle. This will free up our 'junk room', or the third bedroom we don't use. I plan on adding a large desk from a piece of finished wood we already have, to sew on and also as a second desk. I do freelance writing on the side, so it will motivate me to write more if I have a specified place to write.

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