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Major purchases

January 18th, 2005 at 07:07 am

We've made some major purchases in the last week. First, we bought a brand new car. Second, a brand new dishwasher with Christmas/housewarming present that we received two years late...Third, two new cell phones.
I know this all sounds extravagant but we got really good deals on everything and we needed the car and cell phones for my husband's new business.

By paying the same monthly amount, we've increased our cellphone minutes by 400 and can now talk to each other for free, which is the majority of our calls. We switched our main phone line to metered, so its only $16 a month new versus the $45 we had been paying. We also canceled dial up and switched to business DSL as we'd have to pay for each minute online and tie up the business line. We had to upgrade to new phones but are receiving $150 in rebates and I negotiated the chargers to be half price.

We drove across half the state to find a damaged dishwasher at the Sears outlet store. They only had 5 dishwashers! I couldn't believe it, they had at least 200 fridges, so we left emptyhanded - they had no stainless steel. We ended up getting a new dishwasher from sears which will come on Thursday. Now that we have a bigger car we can pick it up ourselves and save on the delivery/install charge.

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