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Weekend update

January 25th, 2005 at 10:07 am

It's been so long since I wrote in my journal!
I have someone coming over this weekened to buy my bass guitar. That should bring in $200!
We bought a digital camera. We'll use it in our business - so it can be written off. I'm also thinking of selling some things on ebay, for which we can use this camera.
My husband got a temp job! We just needed something well paying for the spring. It pays well, but it will mess my commute up as he currently picks me up and drops me off at the train.
I figured out from the bonus I'm expecting in April, that I can pay off one of my student loans and buy a used car. Then we'll have 2 cars for two people.

Also this weekend, I spent a few hours on my wardrobe. I keep a large box in my main closet of items that need either handwashing or mending. Since it's been so dry in my house, clothes have been drying in a snap. I handwashed 4 sweaters and two tops.
I also sewed up some holes in 3 tops so that I can continue wearing them. I won't feel like I have nothing to wear anymore! (hopefully)

We also installed our new dishwasher. It was so simple, only took 15 minutes. Since we have a new, larger car we saved on delivery costs and installation! We saved $335, which is half the cost of the dishwasher itself. Oh, happy days ahead...

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