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panic attack

February 2nd, 2005 at 02:09 pm

I just have to do something about our finances. It's not even that we're poor. We have quite a bit in savings, but I don't want to spend it all on debts and not be comfortable if an emergency happens.
It's my student loans that are driving me up the wall. I want them to be paid off so badly. But now we have a new car, and its inevitable car payment. We haven't had a car payment in a few years and now I remember why!
So, now I have to change my priorities and pay off the car first. I've been getting a tax break with the student loan interest I pay, but I can't get a tax break for car payments.
However, I want to pay off 20% of the house so we don't have to pay PMI insurance too. The thing is, it's going to take forever to pay 20% (we live in crazy housing market).

So - I'm torn. Get a second car and go even further in debt to make my husband happy, or put my foot down and deal with the pain of rushing around with only one car. It's killing our mileage and gas is more expensive now.

I keep telling myself that if I save money on groceries that it will help. Well, it does help but it doesn't amount to squat. I need to make a lump sum of money somehow to ease my mind, and our daily lives.

Sorry to vent!

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