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borrowing a car

February 4th, 2005 at 05:50 am

I called my sister last night to ask if I could borrow her car for a month or two while I shop around for a used one for myself.
It's just not working, having one car for two people who work in different states. My train was late again last night so it messed up both of our commutes. And - he'll have to work overtime soon (which means until 9pm) so I'd have no way of getting home unless I called a cab everyday.

She agreed! We're going to pick it up this weekend. She lives 2 states away so we'll spend the weekend there with my parents. Hopefully I won't be tempted into going antiquing.

I heated up the rest of the stew last night and added some frozen veggies to stretch it. I wanted to have it all eaten, but he decided to make a frozen pizza for himself. Gr....at least we stayed under my $2 self-imposed limit.

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