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February 14th, 2005 at 08:45 am

I spent $35 on a new haircut this weekend. I haven't paid for a cut since the summer, so I was due. Plus I was getting headaches from the weight of it. It looks great, and its frugal since it takes me less time to wash it and less shampoo/conditioner.

I didn't find any shoes I liked on clearance, but I did find a pair I love for $40. I bought them.

We painted our junk room yesterday and it looks fabulous. I gave away several things on freecycle which opened up the room. We're getting $45 for doing a focus group with this experimental paint (the materials were free).
We have a super large board in that room that I was using to sew our curtains on. I've made all the curtains for our house and needed a large flat surface for it.
My husband is going to make this into a desk for me. I already have an extra chair in there. So...the prior junk room will be my money making room! I'll have a nice surface for sewing (and will sell my creations on ebay) and will work on my freelance writing. I have my own laptop and we now have an extra printer so it will become my own little office/craft room.

We also bought groceries this weekend for under weekly limit ($50). We even managed to buy wine and beer - a true rarity. I made chocolate chip cookies last night too to keep us motivated. I don't like feeling like we're always doing without.

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