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Finally did our taxes

February 21st, 2005 at 09:52 am

Did the taxes yesterday and we'll be getting a nice refund, hopefully in a few weeks. I'm putting all of it towards an evil student loan (over 9% interest rate), which will cut it in half. That's my major goal of 2005 - to get rid of that loan.

I also sold my bass guitar on Saturday, so I'm up $200. I never play it anymore, and it was just taking up space in my new office.
We were very anti-frugal on Saturday, though. We decided to go to a very fancy restaurant and order whatever we wanted, regardless of price. So, we did and had a great time. It was European - I miss the relaxed atmosphere of European restuarants. We were there for over 2 hours, and enjoyed every minute of it. We spent a little over $100, so I'll put the rest towards that horrible student loan.

On the bargain front: we bought a cherry paper towel holder at Target for $2!!! It was on sale, clearance, and then 50% off of clearance. It mounts on the wall which is great because the yukky plastic one we have now sits on the counter, taking up space.

Grocery spending for the week: $25.06. The deals weren't very good.

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