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Frugal weekend

February 28th, 2005 at 11:19 am

I didn't go out much this weekend - it has been too cold! The only time I went out was to get groceries. I spent $65, which is pretty much my limit of $50 a week plus a teeth whitening kit my husband bought. We can already see a difference, those things really work! I'm going to buy a different brand once they are on sale.

I made no-bake granola bars yesterday, for something to grab quickly for breakfast. With my new schedule, I don't have time to eat. They went together really quickly. I bought the ingredients on sale or the generic brand. Also, the only energy expended to make these are a pot for about 2 minutes to melt the brown sugar and corn syrup together. No oven to preheat and then keep on for the duration of cooktime.

We hung the office door back on its hinges yesterday. We replaced some of the broken glass panels ourselves so we wouldn't have to buy a new door. I spent the morning priming and painting it. The office will be much warmer if we can shut this door. I can't wait!

We made all of our meals this weekend, and I even worked out. I did all of our ironing. Plus, I worked on my writing on Sat. night. I want to spend at least 3 hours a week working on this. That's my goals for March.

Other goals for March:
1. open a 9 month CD from the new bank. They have a promo for 3% interest!
2. make a batch of apple muffins with the frozen apples I have already skinned and diced. This will give breakfast and space in the freezer
3. Change the direct payment account that I have my insurance taken from.
4. Sign up through my cell phone company for direct withdrawal/payments
5. Have the city do a meter reading, and then pay the bill
6. Take a work related course.

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