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Back to square one - broke!

May 4th, 2005 at 09:53 am

We were doing so well - had several months of expenses saved up, plus cushion/emergency money.
It will all be wiped away this weekend when I buy a used car. I'm buying it out of state, so it will be a hassle getting it down here with insurance and registration, but it will be worth it because I'll save probably one thousand dollars by buying it up north.
My father is going with me, since he knows so much about cars and the dealers around the area.

It was such a blow to us though, when I deducted the amount we'll need to spend on this car from our bank. OUCH!!!!!!!!

I'll need to double up my efforts and really play hardball with our finances. I'm going to list some more books on half.com tonight, before Lost - can't miss the 2 hour season finale!
Also tonight, I'm going to mend a bunch of clothes in my pile of clothes that are temporarily out of commission. I have socks, a pair of pants and my jacket pocket to do. That will keep me busy during the commercials and increase the number of items we can keep using.

2 Responses to “Back to square one - broke!”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    It wasn't the finale Frown. I saw the comercial for it and got all excited, but it was just a show (I like it but, just whining)

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I know! I was really bummed. Oh well, at least there are still new shows a-coming.

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