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it's beautiful outside!

June 3rd, 2005 at 06:31 am

I primed the door last night and made the soup. Things are really rolling along...

Tomorrow is our anniversary and we are splurging on ourselves. We're helping teach a class in the morning, and then it's out for dinner at a fancy restaurant.

On Sunday, we're getting a couples massage followed by a manicure for me and a haircut for him. I've never had a massage before so I'm VERY much looking forward to it.

It will be 80 degress today, which means I'll finally take lunch break and go outside. I'm so sick of working through my lunch for this company.

We received the molds in the mail yesterday for concrete pavers. We're going to make them from scratch and create a patio. The previous owners of our house bought ugly pavers that we've given (mostly) away. The gravel base is already there - it's just waiting for some attention. Hopefully we'll tackle this project next weekend if the weather is nice. If we buy the concrete in shifts during week, then we can get started Saturday morning making the pavers. So excited!!!

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