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groceries today

June 26th, 2005 at 10:42 am

The normal total for groceries today was $78, but we only spent 37 due to store sales and coupons. I bought the Sunday newspaper last week and used 8 coupons from it! It ended up paying for itself.
I left a message with the newspaper to see how much Sunday delivery would be. It's got to be better than the $2.50 I spent last week.

Also went to BJs yesterday. Bought a second air conditioner since ours is in the room we have our sick kitty in. His second surgery didn't work - we're experimenting with other antibiotics now. It's not looking good.
So we bought an AC for our bedroom which we're only running at night because it doesn't shut itself off after it hits a certain temperature.

Went to Victoria's Secret since they were having a 75% sale, but it was pretty well picked over. Oh well, I didn't absolutely need anything anyway.

The lead I had on a freelance job didn't pan out. I'm very very bummed. I was planning on that making a big difference in our lives. Back to the grindstone I guess.

I'll log off now. Its pretty hot out and the computer just adds to the heat.

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