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spent $20 on lunch

August 26th, 2005 at 03:51 pm

It's restaurant week and I was able to go with some co-workers to an excellent restaurant. I know I wouldn't have ever gone except for the discounted rate (and reservation) today. So I went and thoroughly enjoyed myself.
Since I may not work in the city anymore, I figured I better enjoy it while I can and then not feel guilty later on, and want to spend money going into the city.

Spent $32 on groceries this week which will last us awhile.
We'll work on the house again this weekend. We replaced a rotting fence last weekend. Hopefully we'll get the house finished by this year so we can sell it and reap the profits. I'd really like to use the extra money to pay all debt off - car loan and student loans. We don't have any credit card debt: I hate credit cards. We'll see. We'll just keep plugging along and see how far we get.

I've sold 2 books and a CD on half.com in the last 2 weeks. Sold another today which means I have to go to the post office on dreaded Saturday - it's always crowded! Oh well, money is money...

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