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sold another book yesterday

September 22nd, 2005 at 09:37 am

I'm off to the post office after this. I sold it for $6, and had originally bought it for college. It was just collecting dust! It always perks me up when I make a sale.

We've been looking at houses and very slowly making progress on the house. I did a very thorough job painting our stairs and original trim. There was a lot of prep work with filling nail holes, scraping paint and sanding, but its finally done! This weekend I want to finish sanding the banister and then I'll stain and polyurethane the hell out of it to make it shine.

I was out of padded envelopes for my half.com sales, so I made myself walk to Staples (not close by) during my lunch break at work yesterday. Otherwise, I would have had to use the car to drive to the one near my house. I took a long way back too, and got a lot of exercise. I was proud of myself!

Made sloppy Joe's with buy 1 get 1 free ground turkey (and kidney beans as filler) while my DH worked an hour of overtime. Also cleaned every single dirty dish in the kitchen. I was happy to get it done.

Tonight will be laundry night. DH keeps complaining that we don't have a dryer and that he wants to buy one so that he has clothes to wear. I line dry in the summer (which hasn't been a lot lately since I can only hang out on the weekends and its been raining a lot lately) or on racks in the winter. In our northern climate, it can take a few days for clothes to dry in the winter so it seems like the racks are permanently set up in the guest room. Since we put a new furnace in this year. I'm hoping that will help the clothes dry faster.
Anyway, I'll do a bit of laundry and some ironing tonight to appease him.

His company is having a team building event today: apple picking. Hopefully he'll come home with enough for me to make a pie with.

This weekend we're going to an ice cream party - everyone brings a pint. We'll gorge ourselves and get to try new kinds for $4.

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