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January 18th, 2005 at 07:11 am

Also, in grocery land...
When I couldn't find a scratch and dent store nearby, I started looking under different names. I found a coop of retail grocers who have a warehouse open to the public.
It was a bit of a drive, but sooo worth it! This place was great. It catered to business as well as small families. You could buy 50 pounds of olives, or just a 10 oz jar of olives: i.e. products in all sizes.
I stocked up on marshmallows. They are never on sale at the grocery store, although they advertise the regular price once in awhile in their flyer. It pisses me off when the advertise the regular price as being on sale, so I haven't bought marshmallows in years.
Rice krispy treats, wahoo!

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