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April 29th, 2005 at 12:57 pm

Has anyone else noticed that the Valupage is not running anymore? That bummed me out, I've used it a few times.

We took our kitty to the vet again, who removed his staples yesterday. One more visit and hopefully he'll be done. He's healing nicely.

I've been very frugal this week. Since I've been alone every night, I haven't really made dinner. A few nights in a row, I ate peanut butter cookies only. Ahh, the joy of being an adult.
Also didn't eat lunch out at all (as I sometimes do with co-workers)

Brought my library books back as they were overdue. Didn't pay my fine because it was 6:45 in the morning when I dropped them off.
My goals this weekend are to cash a check for a focus group we did, and take my husband out for breakfast with it. Since we'll be going to the bank, I'll roll our change and deposit it. Should be at least $40.
I want to finish painting the trim, and begin on the siding.

Chicken cacciatore tonight! I decided to make myself a real meal.


April 25th, 2005 at 08:37 am

Well, the paving guy never showed up and never called to say he couldn't come - I HATE it when people do that.

I finally got over my sickness, and am now taking care of my sick cat. He had his surgery two weeks ago, and still needs lots of care and follow up visits. I'm taking him to get his staples out on Thursday.

It's the end of the quarter this week, so hubby will be working insane overtime. Since he'll be working so hard, I'm going to make myself work just as hard. Tonight, I'll do the grocery shopping (which we usually do together) and go to the library. I have clothes to put away, and lots of ironing to do.

For the rest of the week, my goals are to 1) clean the house 2) prime and paint the new trim we bought for the kitchen, and 3) prime and paint the siding we have for the front porch. We need to get that installed before the plants (including thorny roses) grow tall enough to hinder putting the siding up.
I'll have to work every night on this, but it will be worth it! I can set up sawhorses in the basement so he won't know about it. I'll surprise him at the end of the week!

We stained the fence last weekend to maintain it. The people we bought our house from put it up, but never sealed it so it was weathering pretty badly.
We made a vegetable bed from landscaping timber ourselves. Also bought some wall planters to hang on the fence for more greenery at the eye level, and transplanted my strawberries in them. They are doing quite well. I started seeds last weekend to for vegetables and flowers. Better late than never! The radishes are already sprouting.

Now I'm sick

April 12th, 2005 at 10:18 am

We both knew it was going to happen, but that doesn't make things any easier! I don't have it as bad as he does now, though. He went back to work today, so at least he'll make some $ within a week's time (he doesn't get sick time right now)

Under $50 for groceries again this week. Very proud of myself. I even found a coupon online and doubled it with a sale - I love it when that happens!
We had leftovers last night - very frugal of us.

I have to plant my lettuce seeds this week inside if they are going to grow well outside this year!

We have another paving guy coming tonight to give us an estimate. Also - the new furniture is coming on Friday!

Sicky in the house

April 9th, 2005 at 06:47 pm

The first beautiful weekend we've had in 6 months, and we have a sicky in the house! He's missed 2 days of work, which will be unpaid.
Plus I bought medicine, plus kleenex and ice cream for his sore throat. It's true what they say - you can't put a price on your health - and this isn't even serious.

I walked to the bank today and deposited the 2 rebate checks. I felt very frugal as I walked home with a smile on my face.

We did have 2 free tickets to a museum for today, but because he's sick, I gave them to a friend of mine.

This afternoon, I raked up the yard and spread fertilizer around. Hopefully the grass will be better this season.

I currently don't have much of a parking space. I park halfway on our walkway and halfway on our street. We had a paving guy come today - $1800 for a tiny bit of space! Granted, he'd have to dig out some of the soil, but the curb can't be more than 3-4 inches high. I was not impressed. So...I'll keep calling around.

My cat's surgery was delayed again. The surgeon had a car accident, so she can't perform the surgery until this coming Friday. I can't wait for him to get better!

I also got a raise this week. I wasn't sure if I should expect one or not, but was happy to find out I did! I'm still debating on whether I should use it towards the new car, or partially to the mortgage, or if I should invest it in the house. We'll probably put our house up for sale within 1 year, and expect to make a great return on it.

2 rebate checks!

April 5th, 2005 at 06:00 am

Wahoo! I now have 2 rebate checks waiting to be deposited, plus the change I rolled. I couldn't go last Saturday, because I had a business conference to attend. And it was raining cats and dogs.

I decided to max out my 401(k) savings to 6% - the amount that my company matches up to. Even though I can't really afford the extra payments, I can't afford to miss out on free money. When I'm old and gray, I'll thank myself for allowing us to retire early. Ahh....a nice thought.
I'm also going to deposit enough for 2 more shares into a stock we own = $70.

We went car shopping this weekend. I abhor car shopping - I feel like I can't trust anyone. I was very interested in one car and even took it on a test drive. After refusing the salesman for a deposit, I went home to check the blue book price. He was asking $600 more than the book and it needed work!

I'll wait to look up north. There will be better deals up there. A few more weeks and then I'll drive up there for the weekend armed with a blue book and my checkbook. I refuse to take out a loan for this car.

$45 on groceries this weekend. (Patting myself on the back)

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