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Rolled my change

March 31st, 2005 at 06:13 am

I rolled $15.50 worth of change the other night. Also received a $15 check for a rebate (for our new digital camera). That means I'll be making a trip to the bank! Our main bank is a bit of a drive away, so we opened an account in town that I could deposit and cash checks into easily, without having to drive very far.
I can actually walk to it, making it a very frugal trip all around.

There isn't much in there, only about $400, but it's nice to know it's stewing there making some interest. Even though I'm not pregant, I think I want to use it as a college fund for a baby. We had been planning on using it for a vacation home, but that's just too selfish.

We tore all the meat off the turkey last night and froze it, and threw the carcass away. Didn't have dinner because my husband didn't get home from work until 8, and we weren't in the mood for dinner. Well, he had a drumstick but not a real dinner.

Tomorrow is my cat's surgery. It will be over $1,000 but I don't care. He must be in so much pain, that I can't leave him like that just because I want to pay off my student loans.

Turkey for Easter

March 29th, 2005 at 01:40 pm

We made a turkey for Easter. I bought it for $5 after Christmas when they were on super sale, and we're still eating it! We got 2 dinners each, and 2 lunches out of it so far. I think we'll get one more lunch and some soup broth too.
And, the cats don't mind a treat.

Tonight will be buffalo chicken that I bought on sale and with an in-store coupon - a name brand. I'll make some biscuits and mashed potatoes as well.

I did 3 loads of laundry this weekend, but managed to neglect the rest of the house. I'll clean the kitchen tonight. Even if I clean it in the morning, it seems to get dirty by the evening.

Also on tonight's agenda is rolling coins. You have to pay a counting fee everywhere near me, so I always roll them myself. And, I need to walk down the car excise bill to city hall to avoid paying for a stamp. Exercise really is free!

Happy Spring everyone! The snow is finally melting here!

Haven't posted in awhile

March 24th, 2005 at 09:40 am

Things have been crazy busy - at work and at home so I haven't had a chance to post.
I had family come for the weekend, so I entertained them. Plus I'm taking a class online, which requires some readings and homework.

We went shopping at an outlet center in Maine, on Sunday. I was soooo good. I only bought candy at a candy warehouse-type shop.
My family kept trying to get me to buy something, but I didn't want to spend the money plus I didn't see anything that I truly liked.

Our grocery bills have been down lately. I don't get home until 6:30, and my husband's been getting home at 7:30 lately due to overtime, so we're finding that we're not hungry enough for dinner. We'll occasionally snack, which is cheaper than paying for dinner (utilities and ingredients).

Went to the doctor yesterday, and told her we want to start trying for a baby. I have to take prenatal vitamins and start taking in more calcium - the expenses already begin for the baby is conceived!! I usually don't drink milk or orange juice because it's so expensive.

I did a major cleaning of the house before they came. It makes me love the house more, and not want to move. Plus, the neighbors beside us put their house up for sale. We won't have to listen to their 3 kids anymore! The noise really bothers me - it made me not want to be in my own house. All the neighborhood kids would come to their house to play and make noise. I won't miss that a bit.

I made my first sale on half.com. It went very smoothly, although I haven't received payment yet. I mailed in on Saturday morning. Maybe the buyer doesn't make the payment until they receive and it goes through ebay's system. I dunno.

Ok, back to work.

Have a happy frugal day!!

birthday yesterday

March 11th, 2005 at 06:42 am

Yesterday was my husband's birthday. Yahoo!

We went out for dinner = $52 including tip. But, we both brought doggie bags home so we'll have the leftovers for dinner. In my food allowance, I figure $2 per person for dinner, so I can figure $4 out of that $52 bill.

Paid the water bill today, but I used a stamp for the envelope. I live really close to city hall, so I usually walk my bill down and put it in their mailbox. It saves me a stamp. It's so cold out now and the sidewalks aren't plowed, that I don't want to go down there. I already missed the March 2nd deadline (I get a 72 cent discount if I pay my water bill within 1 one of receiving the bill). So, I missed out on a 72 cent savings plus 37 to mail it. = $1.09.
I'm determined to pay the next water bill correctly!!! I know it's not much but it all adds up.

We're going to a party tonight. I shoud bring a bottle of wine - more money.........

Tomorrow we're cashing our state income tax refund and opening a CD with that and some of our savings. A new bank opened in our town and they are offering 3% interest on a 9 month CD!! That's such a great rate.

In the afternoon - we're going to a hockey game. We won tickets through hubby's work - for the club seats! We'll have free parking and our own personal lounge. It will be nice to pretend that we're rich.

last night

March 8th, 2005 at 09:46 am

I received 4 coupons in the mail yesterday for free items from a particular food company. I was so happy! I may be weak and use them to buy junk food.
I had written a letter a few weeks ago complaining about the lid on one of their products. It kind of imploded on me, and sprayed the contents everywhere.

Last night:
~We ate beef stew again for dinner.
~Collected water from the kitchen sink as it was warming up for dishes, and put it in my humidifier. I need to remember to keep doing this. It's so dry in our house that everytime I pet one of our cats I schock them.
~took down the clothes drying on the racks upstairs
~decided to increase my 401k from 4% to 6%. This is the maximum my company will match to. Even though I don't have the money now to be socking away, I can't pass up the free matching money!!

$58 for groceries

March 7th, 2005 at 09:49 am

We went grocery shopping Sunday morning, as usual. Spent more than my $50 limit - mostly because of a great sale on frozen pizzas.
I made up for that with a super cooking spree last night. I made beef stew from all pantry ingredients. Then I made a triple batch of apple muffins from my frozen apples. THEN I made banana bread from 2 bananas I bought on sale.
At least I won't have to cook dinner tonight and my breakfasts are ensured for the next few weeks.

I was naughty and spent $6 on a discounted garden book at Borders. Now that we have the house pretty much all renovated (we still have some lingering projects) we can make a dent on our landscaping this summer. I put a vegetable garden in when we moved in, and we've filled the existing window boxes every year. Aside from that, we've pretty much ignored the yard.
I plan on making it an oasis, and shield us from the neighbors with greenery. My neighborhood is very crammed in - and several houses can see into our backyard right now. I'm reading the book on the bus now, and am planning out my dream garden!!


March 5th, 2005 at 11:39 am

Thanks to the advice I received in the discussion boards, I have gone ahead and listed 10 books on Half.com.
I'm excited to see what happens.

Our fridge is soooo empty. It's been tough trying to figure out what to eat. I'm making beef stew tonight frozen frozen beef we've had, potatoes, bouillon, onion and frozen veggies. We already had these in our pantry/freezer. I'm trying to use up as many items in the freezer as possible because I'm going to make apple muffins tomorrow, and I'll need a place to store them.

The sun is shining today, so I have all curtains open. We reached 64 in the house!!

Shoveling and dinner

March 2nd, 2005 at 07:36 am

I spent so much time shoveling out when I got home from work that it was too late to make dinner. I threw our last premade pizza in the oven and enjoyed it with a glass of wine.

Even though I felt extravagant - it was 'from the pantry!'
We could have easily ordered in a pizza, but I bought this one as a buy 1 get 1 free of the store brand's ripoff of Freschetta. And boy was it gooood.


March 1st, 2005 at 05:52 am

Today is my first day of taking the bus for the rest of my forseeable life, to work - hurrah! We had a snowstorm overnight, so we had to get up early to shovel out. We were told we'd get over a foot, so I brought work home with me planning on working from home. Alas, we only got about 5 inches so I had to go in.

We received a cc bill with a $36 late fee last night. We called and had it removed. It is SO worth calling about extra fees.
I made dinner out of leftover pot roast, potatoes, and I cooked up some veggies.
I had the registration form sent to me yesterday for the class I want to take. It will be $600! But, I should make it all back if I can profit from the class.

Yesterday was a no spend day. Today will be too.

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