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pantry dinner

January 27th, 2005 at 06:49 am

We had the leftover rice and frozen fish for dinner last night. I'm trying to go through the entire week without buying any groceries.

I finally started my grocery price book too. I figured out a few months ago that I only want to spend the following per person:
50 cents for breakfast
$1 for lunch
$2 for dinner.

This works out to $49 a week. So far we've been sticking to this budget pretty well. It also includes drinks and paper products. There are only 2 people in my house.

Whaddya think?

2 Responses to “pantry dinner”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    How is it going with your .50/1.00/2.00 goals? On the days where you met your goal, what did each meal consist of? I'm curious! :-)

  2. Anonymous Says:

    It's going marvelously. I made my monthly grocery goal so I attribute it to those limits I placed on myself. Some meals are inherently cheaper than others so I'm usually under the price limit. We usually have pasta once a week. I make my sauce from scratch with crushed tomatoes I bought on super sale for 39 cents each.
    I usually make one soup or stew a week two, which lasts either a few days or can be frozen for lunches at work.
    And, we don't eat that much meat. I know the pricing sounds limiting, but when you sit down to do the math it's not that hard. For example, just a package of cereal costs $2-3 on sale, and it can provide 5-6 breakfasts (plus milk). I've been buying cans of soup when on sale for 99 cents to bring for lunch. I don't have to do any work but I don't feel guilty because it's under my limit.

    Also, the pricing helps me psychologically. When I know I can make lunch for $1 I'm less apt to buy takeout or go out for lunch for $6.

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