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Financial bombshell

February 22nd, 2005 at 06:09 am

We got a call from my husband's parents in Europe. It seems he owes money to the government for his free living expenses, that he received when he was going to college.
I love how 7 years go by and they are just telling us this now! It's around 4,000 Euros, and with the dollar so weak right now we'd be paying somewhere around 6000 dollars for this! If we had known about it, I would have been planning for it.

I'm two months away from paying off that evil college loan with the high interest rate. I've been so happy thinking that I'd be free from that, and then this bombshell hits us. I'm not a happy camper.


Oh well. We had a quick pizza for dinner last night. He had the day off, while I had to work so he made some improvements around the house. He installed a disposal in our kitchen sink. I'm spoiled.

Lunch today is leftover coleslaw and an apple. And lots of water!

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