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$58 for groceries

March 7th, 2005 at 09:49 am

We went grocery shopping Sunday morning, as usual. Spent more than my $50 limit - mostly because of a great sale on frozen pizzas.
I made up for that with a super cooking spree last night. I made beef stew from all pantry ingredients. Then I made a triple batch of apple muffins from my frozen apples. THEN I made banana bread from 2 bananas I bought on sale.
At least I won't have to cook dinner tonight and my breakfasts are ensured for the next few weeks.

I was naughty and spent $6 on a discounted garden book at Borders. Now that we have the house pretty much all renovated (we still have some lingering projects) we can make a dent on our landscaping this summer. I put a vegetable garden in when we moved in, and we've filled the existing window boxes every year. Aside from that, we've pretty much ignored the yard.
I plan on making it an oasis, and shield us from the neighbors with greenery. My neighborhood is very crammed in - and several houses can see into our backyard right now. I'm reading the book on the bus now, and am planning out my dream garden!!

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