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last night

March 8th, 2005 at 09:46 am

I received 4 coupons in the mail yesterday for free items from a particular food company. I was so happy! I may be weak and use them to buy junk food.
I had written a letter a few weeks ago complaining about the lid on one of their products. It kind of imploded on me, and sprayed the contents everywhere.

Last night:
~We ate beef stew again for dinner.
~Collected water from the kitchen sink as it was warming up for dishes, and put it in my humidifier. I need to remember to keep doing this. It's so dry in our house that everytime I pet one of our cats I schock them.
~took down the clothes drying on the racks upstairs
~decided to increase my 401k from 4% to 6%. This is the maximum my company will match to. Even though I don't have the money now to be socking away, I can't pass up the free matching money!!

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