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2 rebate checks!

April 5th, 2005 at 06:00 am

Wahoo! I now have 2 rebate checks waiting to be deposited, plus the change I rolled. I couldn't go last Saturday, because I had a business conference to attend. And it was raining cats and dogs.

I decided to max out my 401(k) savings to 6% - the amount that my company matches up to. Even though I can't really afford the extra payments, I can't afford to miss out on free money. When I'm old and gray, I'll thank myself for allowing us to retire early. Ahh....a nice thought.
I'm also going to deposit enough for 2 more shares into a stock we own = $70.

We went car shopping this weekend. I abhor car shopping - I feel like I can't trust anyone. I was very interested in one car and even took it on a test drive. After refusing the salesman for a deposit, I went home to check the blue book price. He was asking $600 more than the book and it needed work!

I'll wait to look up north. There will be better deals up there. A few more weeks and then I'll drive up there for the weekend armed with a blue book and my checkbook. I refuse to take out a loan for this car.

$45 on groceries this weekend. (Patting myself on the back)

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