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New furnace

May 26th, 2005 at 06:18 am

So, we bought a new furnace. It had to be done what with the New England winters and our highly ineffecient boiler. It was oil and someone converted it to gas somewhat illegally. Another $6000 in debt!

We got a great deal with Sears and we don't have to pay for it for one year. We're still going to be making payments on it, but when we sell the house next year our profits will allow us to just pay it off. Plus we bought a maintenance program with it that's transferable to new owners which will be a major selling point for buyers.

Went to Staples last night for padded envelopes, and have the package all set. Just need to run to the post office during my lunch break.
Made a frozen pizza for dinner because it was quick. We didn't have much time between getting home and Staples before Lost was on.

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