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Sorry for my lack of posts

August 8th, 2005 at 12:31 pm

I have written 2 extremely long posts on here in the past few weeks and they weren't posted for whatever reason. When I hit the Add Entry button - they vanish!
Here's to hoping this works...

Anyway, things have been very good but stressful for us. We are working on selling our house to buy a bigger house with a lot of land up north. In order to do this, we'll need to finish the renovations on our current house and save every cent we can in the next few months. We bought a slightly used stainless steel stove from a co-worker this weekend for $150. It's very new, even has a warming drawer which I'll be a little loathe to give up when we move. But I figure if I'm drooling over it then prospective buyers will too.
We also got the use of his trailer over the weekend, which saved us from having to rent one at Home Depot. I've vowed to work on the house every single day until we list it on the market. While I can't do too much after work - every bit helps! Tonight I'll fill the nailholes that we made from installing new trim in the kitchen over the weekend. I t should go fast, and the next night I'll sand them down and prime.

Going grocery shopping after work tonight. I made a careful list and anticipate spending $35 which includes 4 packages of granola bars, cat food and light bulbs.

We went paddling yesterday with our boat. The only cost was gas for driving to the pond, which wasn't too bad. We power our boat ourselves and didn't have to pay to get to the pond. It was the first time we went swimming this summer so we really enjoyed it.

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